honour killings

Dear readers, so now I start serious talk. You know, german cities find themselves confronted with PEGIDA-demonstrations these days. I live in Leipzig, former GDR, upcoming, creative city, open to all mankind. Well. accept there is PEGIDA. I was walking around, taking photos for my semester work. How people look like. What they say, What they want. Well, I would really like to know that. "Against Americanism! I won't brown-nose Obama anymore!"; "I want to buy german things!" and stuff like that. And then there are stupid ones, so calles Nazis. Holding up a Reichsfahne from 1938. I beg you pardon. Someone was really bored in school, wasn't he? No, really, you cannot take them serious.
But the questions about how religious diversity is practised in german is a bit.. frustrating i guess. You know, christianity, the main religion in this country, had and still has its shadows. I really does. Just mentioning the crusades in the middle age or the scandals about childrens abuses in catholic convents. So I guess every religion has its dark dimension. I will not talk about the IS now. Fact, the Islam is not an exception. Sorry for that, but truth is truth. What I'm really angry and shocked about are the so called honour killings. The Max-Planck-institute finds, that there are about 109 killings in Germany (1996-2005). These are the official numbers, I am not sure how many there really are. I think no one is. So I`m gonna do some illustrations about that. I hope the german law will really soon provide security and strength with those criminals!

10.3.15 21:38


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