Well, hello my dear readers, i am very pleased to meet you. My name is Cristin but all my life people just called me Tini. What do I want with a blog? Now, I like diarys and I like to draw on every single free space I can find. I want to draw on this page. Free my thoughts and bind them on paper, wood, desks, walls. Dear readers, I am sorry for all the things i will do to you. I will spam these pages with illustrations (well, i call them so, you may find them weird. But you will get use to that.) All I wanna say is that I still care for you, so do not mind if you will get ink spots, dog-ears, woolly things and thoughts but this is just how i work. I am queen of chaos. I use to tell people this, Makes me more serious. And... I 'm also sorry for language mistakes I am gonna make. You know, I am still german and busy with our Right Writing Reform as it is changing every three years. Also people keep coming up to me, asking if i was scottish. I seem to have kind of an accent. Otherwise scottish people use to build funny sentences and grammar structures and I do not really believe so. So my dear readers, i now declare us as friends. I will see you soon.

Alter: 27
Universität: Universität Leipzig in Leipzig

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